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step into your Graceful Destruction, carve your Second Self and set your life in Flow

Graceful Destruction

Graceful Destruction

What if life has shackled you?

What if you could set yourself free?

Second Self

What if there was a reset button?

What if you could start over?



What if you didn’t have to push your way through?

What if you could find your true purpose & fly smoothly?

I met Phoenix through the professional engineering network in New Zealand. I had been feeling dissatisfied with my professional role and stuck in my career. In the beginning of our journey, I didn’t exactly know what to expect and how Phoenix would be able to help. But, the uncertainty vanished after the first two sessions! It has been a unique experience ever since. Phoenix has helped me overcome my limiting beliefs, face my fears and achieve my professional goals. He encouraged and empowered me to look for the role I always wanted; and guess what, I am in the process of relocating to another city to start my new career. With his support, I have gone through a lot of change in such short time. I am deeply grateful for what he has helped me achieve so far.

Don’t Be afraid To Be Different, You Are Born Unique…

Passion , progress and satisfaction are what we constantly seek for in our personal and professional lives. We tend to get inspired by what is defined as success, look around for it and try to follow footsteps of successful people with the intention of making it ours. Every single human being is born unique, with potential to offer something special to the world. So, no wonder if copy/pasting other people’s paths hasn’t resulted in profound satisfaction. We seriously need to believe in our uniqueness and look inward to find our specialty, then embody and manifest it in the world while we still have time.

What Are Your Purpose & Passion In Life?

For years, I had successfully (?!) followed accepted indicators of success and become successful by definition! Yet, the innate satisfaction I was looking for had not resulted and I ended up being hit with a devastating depression and anxiety (the sledgehammer of awakening). After years of delving into the reasons and putting in a continuous and conscious effort, I came out of the woods an entirely new person with two tightly intertwined meanings of life; The “Graceful Destruction” and “Second Self”.

An Innovative Breakthrough…

Not long after getting hit by the sledgehammer, I realised my Self had deeply been wounded throughout life by different means. The damage was too profound and required a lifetime to heal. Wasn’t there an alternative? A reset button? A shortcut, maybe even too good to be true! An idea started forming in my mind… What if I could start over and give birth to a brand-new Self instead of healing the wounded one? What if I could utilise all the strengths, positive experiences, information and all which had worked for me and carve a new Self from scratch?

Are We In Resonance?

get curious

Step 1 – Get Curious

Break a shackle; book a 30-minute free consultation

Step 2 – Get Serious

Unshackle; start your “Graceful Destruction” journey


Step 3 – Fly

Carve your “Second Self”

I have always been ambitious towards progress, development and fulfillment. Nevertheless, I was stuck in some tough days of my life when success felt halted by unapparent obstacles. I was fortunate to know coach Phoenix and his unique coaching approach, which helped me improve the quality of my life substantially. The Second Self coaching method (i.e. Phoenix’s specialty and niche) is a gentle and comprehensive approach which goes through different aspects of life, while keeping the big picture and carving a desired Second Self in mind. Together with Phoenix, I successfully detach from uninvited traps and unearthed my unique pathway. Following the action plans discussed and designed in our sessions, satisfaction started coming back to my life in an incremental process. I have been on the road towards developing my Second Self for a while and I have truly started understanding the Napoleon Hill’s quote “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.